A CPA, or a Certified Public Accountant, provides an essential service. A CPA’s primary function relates to assurance services, such as financial audits. A CPA can be employed within a corporation—in finance of operations positions—but do not provide services directly to the public. A CPA can operate in nearly any area of finance, including corporate finance, corporate governance, estate planning, financial accounting, financial analysis, income tax, tax preparation and planning, venture capital, and financial reporting.


Regardless of your professional or academic background, becoming a CPA is a smart career decision. If your interests include anything related to finance, or if you are seeking a career as an analyst, finance manager, CFO, or CEO, a CPA license is an essential step on your way to success. The process of becoming a CPA, however, can be relatively convoluted; of course, you will need to sit for the Uniform CPA Exam, but how often do you need to take it? How does the exam differ from state to state? How do your continuing education initiatives fit into the process?


We provide the resources you need to be the best CPA possible. Our firm provides students, CPA candidates, and established professionals with the information and tools necessary to guide them into a successful accounting career. Our site hosts a variety of guides—from learning to get started to licensure and frequently asked questions—to help you achieve your CPA goals. Confused about the CPE (continuing professional education) requirements? We can help. Unsure if your CPA license can transfer to another state? We have the answer. When it comes to achieving and maintaining your status as a CPA, we are the people to help.