Expanding CPA Jobs Beyond Tax Preparation

CPAs enter the workforce with a variety of essential skills. However, most CPAs get into the business to focus on tasks like tax advisement and funds management. Though these services are absolutely essential, becoming a CPA doesn’t necessarily mean an individual has to take these jobs. In fact, CPA skills are highly marketable in dozens of other fields. If you’re looking for a change of pace or a creative way to apply the skills gained in your certification, see below for a few strategies and suggestions.


Property development

When working on new or existing property, developers and investors need accountants to “run the numbers” on how profitable a type of building might be once completed. “Running the numbers,” as it turns out, can be a full-time job. Earning a position as a type of assessor for a development company or city government is an excellent way to apply your skills in a unique setting. CPAs have tools to assess profitability of retail, residential, and general commercial spaces. Put those skills to the test.


Government accountants/auditors

Accountants are utilized by federal, state, and local government for a variety of reasons. They’ll audit businesses and individuals and keep tabs on government agency spending. Federal government accountants may work for the IRS, or they may be responsible for auditing branches of government organizations to ensure that financial objectives are met.


Forensic accounting

A combination of CPA and criminal investigator, this type of service or position puts CPAs to work uncovering financial fraud. Companies lose billions each year to fraud, making this an incredibly fast-growing sector. This type of position is often offered within large companies or as part of government law enforcement agencies.


While the above jobs may not be what you have in mind as a CPA, it helps to cast a wide net when looking for positions. If you already work at an established accounting firm, consider expanding your services to include these types of offerings. You’ll draw in new business, add marketability to yourself and your company, and earn a profit.