Overview of Personal Tax Services

Tax Preparation and Planning
Prepare individual federal and state tax returns (including states other than Illinois) and have very competitive rates which are based on the complexity of the returns. eFile and direct deposit of refunds are popular options that we offer. We encourage you to visit our Tax Center page to print out a Tax Organizer prior to visiting us for your tax preparation needs, and visit our FAQ page for information on what we will need in order to prepare your return. In addition to tax preparation for individuals, we also prepare other types of tax returns, such as Trusts and Gift Taxes. We regularly offer tax saving advice and periodically send you literature regarding the latest tax law changes and how they affect you. If you are anticipating any changes that may affect your tax liability, such as changes in income or filing status, we can prepare a tax plan for you so you will be ready as these changes occur.

Retirement Planning
It is never too early to start planning for retirement. If you want to live the same lifestyle–or an even better one–than you do now, you need to start planning for retirement…NOW. We specialize in long-term wealth building and management, and as a CPA Firm we know how your investment transactions can affect your tax liabilities. We can offer you the advantage of being able to use this information to incorporate investment strategies with tax saving strategies for your overall financial benefit. Contact us if you are interested in a portfolio review to be sure you are on the right track to reaching your retirement goals.


Pension & Profit Sharing Plans
We can help you decide which retirement plan is best for you, and then we will help you fill out all the paperwork necessary to implement it. For example, if you own a small business, we can show you how the new SIMPLE Retirement Plan can save you three to six times more money than an IRA, and how it’s cheaper to maintain and easier to understand than a 401K and other retirement plans.

Debt & Financial Services
We offer complete debt and financial counseling services, including installment debt consolidation, refinancing, and repackaging. Our mortgage originator license allows us to help you get a mortgage or to refinance your existing mortgage. We can also assist you with creating personal budgets and forecasts, tracking your daily transactions in order to analyze and fine-tune your spending and savings habits, and help you with your planning to reach financial goals like saving for a big purchase or vacation, starting a business, or buying a house.